22 Şubat 2020
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Gojira - Yama's Messengers
Şarkı Adı: Yama's Messengers
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I'm scared to death when I see them arrive

Infected eyes red, staring at me

The time has come for retribution

Now they're counting my actions

The cries and shouts are confusing me

Falling in disgrace, I don't want to go now

And I am facing them, it seems they recognize me

It's too late for regrets

They're growing darker while approaching me, creeping

Prowling vultures in the sky

Devoured by a ravening beast

Raised, fallen from the dead

Endure the pain they're giving me slow

Flashes of life blurred by suffering

Distant reminder of funeral piles

Thousands of people dying

I'm taking back all the pain distributed

Through ages unconscious

My brain scattered, feed habitants of this cage

Consuming my heart

I've killed so many, I don't want to count

I spent a life raping the world

both far and near before you now I come, please help

creator, faultless one!

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