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Crumbsuckers - Moments Of Silence & Mr Hyde
Şarkı Adı: Moments Of Silence & Mr Hyde
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I see you torn from hate
Dreaming of your enemies' fate
You want them to live a painful life
But you know it's you that hurts inside
And it's dragging you down
Let's see if you can stand your ground
Was always someone there
To pick you up, but now no one's around
No one's around
Think you've got control over what you do
Controlled by hate
And you know it's true
You want to reach out and call them friend
But your hateful ways just won't bend
You are held as captive
Your own chains bind your life
Your life is what you've made it
It's full of strife
Can't you feel you're sinking
In your own hate
Better change your ways now

Before it's too late
Like every story
You have two sides
Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Hyde
Just about to bow your head in shame
Your ego restores your pride
Restores your pride
Hate inside
Cheated from the start
Open up let love play its part
It's your own hate
Polluting your soul
Got to open up and let it go, go
Living a life full of hate
Is the cause of your depressed state
You feed your hate on your own
So you're to blame
And you alone
Your own hate

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