29 Mayıs 2020
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Ace Hood - Tear Da Roof Off
Şarkı Adı: Tear Da Roof Off
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Pour up some liquor chasin' with the juice,
I came to party; what you came to do?
I got them Rose bottles by the bucket,
Grab ya dawg and tell him 'Fuck it, go all out or nothin''.
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka,
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka,
Shout out to DJ in this muhfucka,
Bottles in the air, you ballin' like a muhfuckaaaaaaa,
[Verse 1]
I'm fresh to death and they know this, hoppin' out of that Beamer,
Fresh up out of that Neiman, Marcus rockin' the meanest,
Fly shit with my fly bitch, ass phatter than Trina,
Pullin' up to the club I swear my swagga on a seizure,
Make yo bitch Beat Bop the sneaker, she know where to meet us,
Bitch I'm not a star, don't carry no V'Gers,
Got them faces in my Levi's, flyer than your G5's,
Big money what I rely, you are just a peon,
And I bounce around, I'm in focus,
Rose is all that we pourin', smoking all of that doja, standin' on all them sofas,
Tear dat roof up off this muhfucka, man fuck it,
Club buckin' in this muhfucka, you say you like it, huh?
[Verse 2]
Everybody on liquor, homies rollin' them swishers,
Everybody takin' pictures, seen her friends but I like her sister,
Got that ass round and I need it, don't make me repeat it,
Swaggin' out of this world, confident, conceited,
Drinkin' Rose after bottles, riiiiiiiight, and I'm with them models,
Like I'm 'thicker than a Snicker' type, that's what I like,
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka, hey mister DJ, bring it back off in this muhfuckaaaaaaaaa,
Yeah, so fuck who got a problem wit it,
Got me into my zone, I can handle my own, they not in my division,
Gotta pocket full of green, and a Ray Benz black with diamonds yellow, homie,
See ya money too small, sorry, you cannot join this ceremony.

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