23 Ağustos 2019
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Footprints In The Custard - F In The C
Şarkı Adı: F In The C
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F in the C in the motherfuckin' house
Wave your shit in the airand shout this fuckin' out!
The Footprints are back and they're stomped in deep
And what they're gonna do is knock you off your feet!
All you motherfuckers better prepare
Scream ‘til you bleed, pump your fists in the air!
‘Cos the Pickleweasel's back and he's chilling in his lair
Drinking whiskey by the gallon from his thick armchair
He don't care who you are, if you've come very far
At the bar with a jar smokin' a cigar
If you get in his waythen you'd better fucking pray!
You're his prey by the way It ain't your day today, wigga!
This is the Custard with the motherfuckin' Prints in!
Scream ‘til you're flustered and your eyeballs are wincin'!
C'mon motherfucker, make it convincin'!
Fuck this party up and let's get the drinks in!
The Pickleweasel's all around
Fuckin' up your town with his badass sound!
Kick up some shit if you wanna survive
If you strive to provide, he'll keep you alive!

The idol of the party, the Pickleweasel massive
'Boys down your drinks and girls shake your asses!”
If you can't see it yet, put on yo' glasses!
Footprints bringing this shit to the masses!

Send me
West motherfucker! You cannot comprehend
What's goin' down with our green and purple friend!
He ain't bending no trend when there's nothing to mend
Fuckin' up the wigga's he's a weasely gent!
Picklin' those corpses high up on the ceiling
Cherishing the feeling of the skin as it's peeling
He's wheelin' and dealin' with a rock hard feelinStealing the innocence and weilding the freedom!

And if it's a good time you want get the bass a pumpin'!
C'mon motherfucker, get the place a jumpin'!
The Pickleweasel here and his rhythm is thumpin'!
Get your tits out and he'll ram his stump in!
Bitch motherfucker! This shit is for real!
Feeding energy like a three course meal!
Tits and pussy are fucking ideal!
Damn motherfucker, we'll make them squeal!

Keep you alive!
Keep you alive!

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